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Gurney Goo

Over many years Steve Gurney endured being battered by the elements over 10 day Adventure Races among many other challenges he undertook and the inevitable chafing, rashes and sores that came with being in that environment inspired the development of Gurney Goo.

Gurney Goo is a market leading anti chafing and anti blister topical ointment, which contains a unique blend of ingredients. Gurney Goo can be used as both a preventative for many potential skin problems like chafing, blisters and nappy rash or a treatment for already damaged skin.

Gurney Goo is long lasting, anti bacterial and soothing making it one of the most versatile additions to your kit.

While Gurney Goo was originally formulated to assist with the rigours of endurance racing it's applications have certainly evolved.

It is now extensively applied in any sport and activity where participants are prone to chaffing or blistering, including running, kayaking, surfing, tennis, football, walking, hiking, dancing, skiing, boarding etc.

The tea tree oil in Gurney Goo has anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal properties and this along with the protective barrier  formed by the ointment makes this a great option for assisting in the healing of injuries like cuts, abrasions, rashes and covering new tattoos. 


  • Nappy rash

  • Rashes

  • any sports

  • cuts

  • tattoos

  • abrasions

  • chaffing 

  • blisters

  • hot spots

  • assisting in the repelling of ticks and leeches

So wether you are after a preventative or a curative topical treatment  

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